3 Tips for creating a social kitchen

3 Tips for creating a social kitchen

Today the kitchen is the heart of every home. In time gone by the kitchen used to be a place to cook and often was small and hidden away. Well that is not the case anymore and the kitchen of today is often a social hub for families to spend time in and share those precious family moments at all times of the day. With this in mind let us share 3 tips on how you can design your perfect social kitchen…



Want to create a kitchen that your family will naturally be drawn to? In that case a warm and welcoming kitchen will ensure the kitchen is the heart of your home.

You could achieve this through adding vintage, rustic or modern features. Comfy cushions, retro cookware & accessories and wooden furniture to give the kitchen that authentic lived-in feel. Try up-cycling old chairs, bits of furniture and accessories.

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Another great way to naturally draw your family to the kitchen is through those small and personalised touches.  Try having a space in the kitchen for messages, allowing communication away from todays normal way via the ipad or phone. We have seen some great examples of sticky note boards in the kitchen or chalk boards. Also inspiring signs and slogans add that personal touch to your kitchen. Include space for family creativity, drawings, paintings and special achievements.

Bring your treasured family memories to life through creating a photo wall. Try frames of different styles for a vintage look or modern straight lines. Its a great idea to really bring the family ‘personality ‘into your kitchen.

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The best way to achieve this impression of space is through the utilisation of windows and doors. Design your kitchen so it brings the outside in if that is possible.

If your budget will stretch consider installing sliding glass doors, velux or larger windows to bring in as much light as possible to the room. Paint the room in lighter shades and consider in detail the layout to ensure the best flow for open plan living.

Create a central point to your kitchen if that is possible, perhaps an island with seating so you can socialise and cook. If you can create the cooking space facing into the kitchen too this also allows you to socialise whilst being productive at the same time. If space is a problem try creating a breakfast bar facing into the kitchen with some cool seating to bring it to life.


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