Kitchen trends in 2021

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Kitchen trends in 2021

Looking to update your kitchen? Whether you want to invest in a completely new kitchen or refresh and up-cycle your current kitchen we have all the latest trends.


When it comes to the colour of your kitchen 2021 is the year of contrasting colours. Picking two colours on opposite sides of the colour wheel eg blue and orange achieves a bold and fun contrast.

These bold colours offer more playful energy, uplifting the space. Colours like yellow affect our emotions and its brightness and cheeriness will act as a pick me up whenever you enter the room. Whereas green will give a feeling of relaxation and zen.

Gold finishes are also making a statement this year! Gold taps and sinks can turn a functional item into a statement! And if gold isn’t your colour then there are a wide range of colours and finishes available.

If you are just wanting a pop of colour then a coloured backsplash or island is the ideal solution. You could pick a completely different colour or just a different shade of your main colour creating a completely unique space. And if the paint isn’t taking your fancy then why not consider a tiled backsplash.

When it comes to picking a colour always remember it is a personal experience so throw the rule book out and pick whatever takes your fancy.

Handleless Designs

The latest kitchen designs are all about practicality with their flowing designs and advance technology. And the latest technology with push open doors means that it’s possible to go completely handless. Handless kitchen cabinets with their streamlined look are taking 2021 by storm and Nolte Kitchens have a fabulous range of bang on trend handless designs. Browse the range here.

If you prefer not to have push-open cabinets then don’t fear, you can still achieve a sleek look. Maybe consider a contrasting colour or material to add some depth and drama.


If you are wanting to add more natural and sustainable elements to your kitchen you aren’t alone. Eco-friendly kitchens, with recycled cabinets and shelving, are right on trend and perfect for creating a gorgeous British countryside vibe.

Clever Storage

Storage is a big part of any kitchen and the latest in kitchen storage design is hidden storage solutions. These clever storage ideas maximise space without making the kitchen look cluttered and leaving you with that sleek finish. This is especially important in narrow or small kitchens. Some clever ideas include storage space in your island, tall cabinets, and breakfast cupboards that hide your everyday appliances behind pocket doors. No matter your storage needs, Nolte offer fantastic storage solutions for any size and budget. To explore different ways to include storage in your kitchen contact us today.

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