Why Choose a Nolte German Kitchen

inframe kitchen in farrow and ball pavillion grey

Why Choose a Nolte German Kitchen

The last year has seen lots of changes but none as exciting as this one!!

We are the and exclusive supplier of Nolte Kitchens! Yes, you heard us right, we are currently undergoing a massive revamp of our kitchen showroom and have changed our brand of German kitchens from Schuller to Nolte. Why you might ask? Well, keep reading to find out.

What are Nolte Kitchens?

Nolte Küchen state that “good is not good enough” and that their aim is to “be better than the average”, not only with the materials that are used but also with their concepts, technology and design. The Nolte Küchen brand are known for their exceptional quality, their wide variety and their reliability. Announced Germany’s favourite kitchen brand, Nolte Kitchens recently received the best results by the German Institute for Service Quality in product quality, design, value for money and range. The possibilities with a Nolte Kitchen are endless.

So why choose a Nolte German Kitchen?

Nolte Kitchens have many features such as their sealed edges that prevent dust and moisture from damaging the doors to the cushioned hinges that mean no slamming doors when you find out someone ate the last biscuit.

Nolte Kitchens offer 32% more storage space than your average kitchen. With their various depths of workshops, you can opt for a 75cm instead of 60cm (which is usual) giving you more space for storing items and more worktop space.

The second reason to choose a Nolte German Kitchen is no handles. The handle is worked into the cabinet so it doesn’t stick out and is easy to clean. And if you want to add some personality you can choose different colours of emotion lights to add accents and change between warm and cold lighting.

What’s your favourite material? Glass? Metal? Wood? With a Nolte Kitchen, you have access to all the latest trends including a wide range of materials regardless of your budget. So whether you want a cement kitchen, a lacquered kitchen or a wood kitchen, Nolte offers you reproductions of any material that look just like the real thing.

When it comes to colour your kitchen will be bang on trend, with 19 different shades and lots of colour options we guarantee a kitchen that is perfect for hosting that post lockdown dinner party. To read more about the latest trends in the kitchen click here.

Nolte Kitchens are made with you in mind so that you have a kitchen that is practical and beautiful. To find out more and start planning your Nolte Kitchen visit our contact page. Alternatively, you can call us on 01924 568 961 or email us at sales@seamless-interiors.com. To make sure you don’t miss out on lots of kitchen inspiration head over to our Instagram and click the follow button. 




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